Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Talking About Sunday's Shock To System

We're going to have a couple of more days of warmth but with humidity ratcheting downward a bit after tonight and early tomorrow. It would not surprise us if we get some showers in the region overnight tonight and during the morning hours on Thursday as a disturbance rides along the weakening front that's trying to move through.

That front acts as a push with the humidity, moving it out of here late tomorrow.  We'll have a very nice Friday as temperatures reach at least 80 with a healthy dose of sunshine.

After Friday, the bottom will fall out of the temperature over this weekend.

Saturday features a frontal boundary that crosses the region during the day -- temperatures could get pretty warm ahead of the front from Philly on south and east -- wouldn't surprise me if Cape May is near 80 while Philly tops out early in the lower to middle 70's before the front crosses the region.  Once that front crosses, temperatures will level off if not slowly fall back.   Making matters worse is that a storm system will organize along the front and rain will break out late Saturday night into Sunday.

Sunday looks to be a rather raw day in the Delaware Valley with rounds of showers, drizzle, if not steadier rains.  As low pressure organizes off the coast, northeast winds will draw cooler air down from Canada.  If this were mid to late November, we'd talk about snowfall in the region.  Since it's early October, we're talking about chilled rain and a bit of a shock to the proverbial system.  While we're currently forecasting low 60's on Sunday (officially), odds are starting to lean strongly towards a colder day than that for a high -- it would not surprise us if any high temperature occurs at Midnight and that lower 50's end up being the norm locally on Sunday afternoon, with 40's in the Lehigh Valley and perhaps lower 40's across the Poconos.  The Euro below shows a pretty decent idea on what the temperatures may be on Sunday if this setup does indeed come to fruition.

Compared to the lower 80's on Friday and at least lower to mid 70's on Saturday, Sunday's going to be a cold, wet noodle slapping in your proverbial face.

Adding insult to injury will be the threat of frost for the Lehigh Valley and outer burbs on Monday and Tuesday mornings from this system.  Needless to say, Fall is coming back and it's going to bring some bite with it.