Tuesday, October 09, 2012

October 10th, 2012 Forecast

Warm air nudging ahead of an approaching cool front will trigger a few showers and some drizzle overnight tonight into tomorrow morning.  The afternoon hours tomorrow will be milder, especially for Philly and points south where temperatures should approach or exceed 70 degrees.  There is a question of how far north the warm front gets tomorrow -- guidance hints at it getting up to near Allentown late in the day but it's possible there's a decent temperature gradient between Allentown and Philadelphia tomorrow afternoon.

Shower activity late tonight and tomorrow morning will push in from the southwest and be pretty modest. It should clear the region by midday, with some sunshine possible by late in the day.

Lows tonight will drop to the middle and upper 40's across the north/west burbs, 50-54 from Philly and on south and east, rather similar to what we woke up to this morning locally.  Highs tomorrow will range from the lower 60's north of the city (Lehigh Valley) to the lower 70's south of the city as milder air nudges in during the afternoon hours.

We'll talk about the warm up that's in the extended forecast this evening -- as well as the potential for frost on Saturday morning in some parts of the region as a shot of cool reinforces itself later this week.