Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Weather Channel Lets Go Of Seven Percent Of Its Staff

News out of Atlanta today is that The Weather Channel (TWC) let go of dozens of its employees as part of a restructuring of the company. TWC, which is owned by NBC (owned by Philly-based Comcast), recently has been on a buying spree over the past few months.  Earlier this year, TWC gobbled up Weather Underground and has also added Weather Central to its litany of weather properties.

Oh, it's also in the business of naming winter storms.  Unlike the purchases of Weather Underground and Weather Central, the storm names were not a monetary purchase.

Mediabistro.com reports that between 75 and 80 were given their walking papers today, the majority of which work out of their Atlanta headquarters.

In a statement given to the website, a spokesperson for TWC confirmed that it was eliminating positions throughout the company, with about seven percent of the company's workforce being eliminated through layoffs.

“In late September we began an effort to reorganize of our company into business units based around our customers and the products and services we create and deliver to them," the statement reads. “This effort was recently concluded and has resulted in the elimination of positions in several divisions of the company. With these organizational changes and our new structure, we are better positioned for future growth. Employees who are directly affected by this position elimination or reorganization are being informed and we are working closely with them through this period of transition.”

In recent weeks, two longtime veteran on-air meteorologists at TWC had announced they were leaving -- Adam Berg and Jeff Morrow, with a combined 41 years of service at the company.  There is no confirmation or report tying their departures to these layoffs.

(Personal speculation -- some of the layoffs may be tied to the purchases of the other two properties as these organizations likely contain some duplicity within various jobs or services within the company. I'm not sure of how much TWC's recent purchases played into this but the timing raises an eyebrow of curiosity given how aggressive TWC and NBC were in the market as of late.)