Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weather Rewind: October 14th-20th, 2012

Temperatures last week averaged 3.7 degrees above where we should be in October.  It helps to have a couple of rather mild afternoons and a very mild Friday in the equation as Sunday, Thursday, and Friday were the lion's share of the week's departure.  Other than those three days, fairly typical October temperatures were common around the region.

Rainfall varied by location rather tremendously but Philadelphia did pick up 0.43" of rain last week.  More fell to the city's north and northwest, with some three inch amounts common in the Poconos and two inch amounts in Berks County.  Month-to-date, the rainfall dry island is common along I-95.  Philadelphia has picked up a third of its normal rainfall so far this month while Reading has more than doubled its normal rainfall so far.  The corridor from York to Lancaster to Reading to Mount Pocono are leading the way in rainfall for the region, benefiting from a soaking rain earlier this month.