Sunday, October 07, 2012

Weather Rewind: September 30-October 6, 2012

A warm start to October will quickly be forgotten with the chill of the coming week. Temperatures last week were six degrees above average, featuring two days of 80 degree weather and a couple of mild nights thrown in for good measure.  The coolest days to average were Sunday and Monday, with Sunday statistically normal and Monday a degree below (thanks to the cooler overnight low), while Wednesday and Friday were over ten degrees above average.  Saturday's transition (mild start, cool finish) was marked by a cool front that was largely dry as it passed through except for a few showers that tried to fire up in spots in the afternoon.

Tuesday was largely the 'rainy' day of the week across the region but rainfall was modest along I-95 -- only 0.07" in Philadelphia.  However, a large swath of one to over three inches of rain fell across the western burbs northeast into the Poconos and into New England.  Reading picked up over two inches of rain, Allentown approached two inches of rain, and some parts of that swath of rain had some minor flooding to deal with.  You can see the marked contrast between the rain swath (blue and purple) and most everyone else (generally orange and red, which shows below average precipitation, around here).