Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Bit More Gray, A Bit Less Sun

Some lower level clouds developed across parts of the region overnight, with skies ranging at this early hour from partly cloudy northwest to mainly cloudy in the city and southeast.  Thanks to a bit of low level inversion (warm air aloft over shallow cold air layer), those clouds may be a bit tough to break up through the day today.  We're calling for variably cloudy skies today but the variably in the cloudy may be a bit more geographic as northern regions see a bit more sun, southern areas more clouds.

Temperatures reflect the areas where skies have been clouded or clear longer -- it's in the 20's to the north and west of the city this morning, 30's for much of the rest of us at this early hour -- areas like Quakertown and Pottstown have been clearer longer than Dover (40) or Philly (39) although most locations are now mostly cloudy or cloudy.

We should approach 50 this afternoon around the region with that varied mix of clouds and sun -- if we can coax enough sunshine that 50 degree high looks within reach.  However, clouds are tough to burn off in November as the sun strength on our latitude is nearing its annual low and that impact means less heating to warm the atmosphere and mix things up to burn clouds off.   The result may be a cloudy morning that lends itself to some breaks of sunshine within a broken deck of clouds this afternoon with highs in the upper 40's at day's end. Not terrible but it may end up being a couple of degrees cooler than yesterday's 50.