Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Return To Some Sunshine Later

Temperatures this morning aren't terribly colder than they were last night -- generally in the 30's throughout the region this morning as we've held pretty steady thanks to clouds in place overnight.  We start with clouds today and end with some sunshine as a weak bit of energy pushes through later on today and helps kick the cloud bank out of the region to an extent.  It may not be wall-to-wall sun this afternoon but I think we'll get a fair bit of improvement, especially for the Philly metro and points south and east.  We could see a bit more cloudiness hang on across the Lehigh Valley and Poconos but by and large, the region should see at least some sunshine...with more sun possible for the city and southeast.

With that sunshine, we should see lower 40's north and west of the city, mid 40's city and southeast this afternoon.  A bit better than yesterday's highs at 5 and 6 AM (it was 42 for a "high" in Philadelphia yesterday at 5:30 AM) before precipitation moved in but still between five and ten degrees below average depending on location.