Friday, November 30, 2012

Closing Out November On A Quiet Note

November's chill -- the first below average month since last August -- has also been reflected in how quiet this month's weather has been outside of two snow events on the 7th and this past Tuesday.  A dry, cool month comes to an end today with a dry, cool day.  We're starting off cold though in the region as temperatures are mainly in the 20's save for a few isolated locations.   Skies range from clear south to mostly cloudy north as the jet is throwing some cirrus clouds overhead.  You'll see them through the region today but sunshine should also filter through pretty well.  It won't be an all gray day.

Temperatures this afternoon top out near 50 degrees in Philadelphia and points south, with upper 40's common to the north.  Winds will be light, similar to the lack of breeze of the past couple of days.  Today continues the slow steps up in temperature, a trend that continues this weekend as we flirt with 60 by Sunday and get into the 60's on Monday and Tuesday.