Monday, November 05, 2012

Cloudy Start, Maybe Some Sun Later

It's cloudy and chilled out again this morning.  Temperatures are in the 30's to start the day in much of the region but thankfully, those clouds last night prevented a total bottoming out of temperatures around the region.  The result is our 30's to start instead of 20's.  Not much consolation to those without power but it is at least not *as* cold as thought.

Clouds will hold for much of the morning as a disturbance pushed through in the mid atmosphere and a renewed push of chill from Canada takes hold.  We may see, as the disturbance pulls away this afternoon, a return to sunshine as those clouds break up somewhat this afternoon.  The amount of sunshine may be limited to the mid and late afternoon and only a couple of hours...the result isn't a very sunny forecast overall.

Highs this afternoon will get into the mid 40's north, upper 40's along I-95.  Pretty similar to yesterday, maybe a degree or two cooler in some spots.  All in all, temperatures more similar to those we experience typically in early December and not early November.