Saturday, November 24, 2012

Colder Slap Of Reality Today

We go from a nice taste of late October and early November to a slap of December across the Delaware Valley today. A cold front crossed the region last night, bringing a cold and stiff breeze in its wake. It's going to be breezy...even windy...across the region today as colder west and northwest winds push in.

Temperatures that flirted with 60 yesterday in many spots will be lucky to get to the mid 40's for daytime highs this afternoon.  Adding winds that could gust to over 30 mph and wind chills will be a fair bit lower than air temperatures -- possibly not getting much higher than 35 this afternoon at their warmest.

With a stiff west and northwest breeze off of the Great Lakes, clouds will be streaming through thanks to dying lake effect snow squalls that will drop a few to several inches of snow back across Northwestern and Northern Pennsylvania.  A few flurries can't be ruled out locally as modeled by the higher resolution modeling below...the best chances for this will be to the city's north during the midday and afternoon hours. I don't expect it to be a big deal and I do think flurries will be few and far between compared to those who don't get flurried upon.

Temperatures will probably top out around 45 in the early afternoon before nudging back towards 40 by dinner time.  It won't be the warmest of days out there and will be a rather sharp contrast to yesterday's fleeting mildness.