Thursday, November 29, 2012

Continuing Our Chilled Theme

Depending on location, you're either flirting with 30 degrees early this morning or solidly in the 20's.  It's a cold morning out there but with clear skies to start the day we'll have a bright sunrise and morning commute later on.

Today's weather will feature a mix of clouds and sunshine -- there are some low level clouds to the northwest of Philadelphia that will scoot across parts of the region through the day, similar to the midday hours yesterday.  The sky will vary from a 50-50 mix of sun and clouds to mostly sunny over the course of the day.  The odds of those clouds being closer to 50-50 will be higher to the city's north than south as Delaware and South Jersey should feature skies with more sun than clouds.

Temperatures will get into the middle 40's this afternoon -- we're expecting 46 in Philadelphia by day's end.  While still solidly below average, it will be a few degrees warmer than yesterday.