Thursday, November 01, 2012

Daylight Savings Time On Sunday

Daylight savings time ends for another year on Saturday night (or Sunday morning, whatever your preference) at 2 AM.  For many in the US, it means the return of sunsets before 5 PM and driving home in darkness through the holidays before daylight lengthens slowly after the holidays.

Parts of the South, Florida, Texas, and those near the western edges of time zone boundaries get a reprieve in the really early sunsets.   Sunday's sunsets vary from 4:30ish in Boston to 5:30ish in Miami, as late as 5:42 in Atlanta and 5:46 PM in Columbus, GA (one of the southwestern-most cities in the Eastern time zone in the US).

While western longitude may help in some places, latitude does not in others regarding length of day.  Daylight is quickly approaching the ten hour mark in many northern cities and has already fallen below it in Alaska and along the US-Canadian border.  Minneapolis reaches the ten hour window on Sunday and steadily loses another 74 minutes between Sunday and the winter solstice.

Philadelphia's day length on Sunday will be 10 hours and 21 minutes, 61 minutes ahead of our low water mark of 9 hours and 20 minutes on December 21st.  Much of the country has another 45 to 75 minutes of daylight left to lose as we quickly transition into the shortest days of the year over the next ten weeks.