Monday, November 12, 2012

Morning Fog/Sun/Warm

Dense Fog has overspread the region this morning, thanks to clear skies and a light breeze from the southeast off the Delaware River and ocean.  Temperatures this morning range all over the place to as low as the middle 30's in rural/far northern areas to as high as the lower 50's, along coastal areas of southern NJ.

It will be another warm day today thanks to warm air surging north out ahead of a storm system that is currently moving towards the east coast.  We'll see another day with high temperatures in the upper half of the 60's for most areas.  Once the fog burns off in the next few hours, it will be sunny.  But clouds will increase and thicken throughout the afternoon hours.  It will stay dry and the rain that will be approaching from the west should hold off until tonight.

The cold front with this storm system that will be moving into the region will pass through the area during the overnight hours.  It will usher in much colder air and more seasonal temperatures for tomorrow.