Thursday, November 22, 2012

Flipping The Switch Over The Next 48 Hours

The eastern half of the country is enjoying a mild Thanksgiving Day today. However, a cold front is dropping south from Canada is going to bring about a massive shift in temperatures between now and tomorrow in the Midwest and between tomorrow and Saturday for the East.

Temperatures this morning in Southern Minnesota and Wisconsin are in the 50's -- in fact, Minneapolis had a record high just after Midnight at 61!  Warm air out ahead of this sharp front will result in a very mild Thanksgiving in Chicago, Detroit, and St. Louis as temperatures in all three locations will end up significantly above average.  Minneapolis' 50's this morning will drop into the 40's this afternoon, 30's this evening, and to near 20 degrees by tomorrow morning...a drop of over 35 degrees from where they're residing as of 8 AM.

Yeah, this front has a bit of pop to it as it pushes east!

We get our "warmth" on Friday.  It won't be as impressive a push compared to average as those in Minneapolis are getting but we should have a shot at 60 degrees tomorrow afternoon around Philadelphia.  The cold front will push east quickly, crossing our region during the evening hours.   Precipitation looks to be minimal tomorrow evening with the front - a few sprinkles around, perhaps a shower to our north - but precipitation does not look to be significant with the frontal boundary.

Saturday is poised to be about 15 degrees colder than Friday locally -- a cold trend to say the least but it's nothing unusual for late November.  Mid 40's instead of 60ish isn't a killer shock to the system but it's certainly a reminder that colder weather will be in place.  A stiff northwest breeze at 12-20 mph will make it feel a good bit colder as well.  Nothing arctic, nothing polar, but a reminder that winter isn't too far away.  It also wouldn't shock us if there were some lake effect streamers setting up downwind of Lake Erie.  They likely will not reach us in Philly but some of the debris clouds from that lake effect may be around.