Thursday, November 22, 2012

Giving Thanks For A Beautiful Day

It's a crisp start around the region as we start Thanksgiving -- 30's in the city, 20's in the north and northwest of the city.  Skies are mainly clear this morning except at the Shore (where there is a bit more cloudiness for now but that will thin out in a bit) and will remain this way through the day.   With plenty of sunshine, the crisp temperatures this morning will quickly moderate into the 50's throughout the region this afternoon.

Winds will be light, sunshine many ways, the weather today will be like that of yesterday but maybe a degree or two warmer in spots.  It wouldn't surprise me if a few spots got into the upper 50's this afternoon in Delaware.  We're pegging Philadelphia to get to 56 by day's end.

Enjoy today and tomorrow as the weather will trend colder in the latter half of the Thanksgiving weekend.