Friday, November 09, 2012

Inching Milder

Temperatures this morning are in the 30's around the region -- generally in the mid 30's around Philly and in New Jersey under clear skies.  After yesterday's return to the 50's in much of the region (save the snow covered parts of NJ), we will continue our slow moderation and improving trend in temperatures today as mostly sunny skies rule the weather landscape around the Delaware Valley.  There could be a pocket of variable cloudiness that works through our western and southern areas later today thanks to some clouds upstream in Western PA this morning.  Those may gray up the landscape a bit but all in all the weather will be benign regionwide.

Expect a high of 54 in Philadelphia, with lower or middle 50's common throughout the region today -- coolest to our east where snow still lingers on the ground.   A bit of a north and northwest breeze at 10-15 mph, higher gusts in spots, will add a touch of chill to the weather today.  That said, we should moderate a couple of degrees further in the temperature department as we work towards an honest-to-goodness warming trend this weekend.