Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Location, Location, Location

We'll have a more detailed discussion out on the precipitation that's expected today but the nutshell, cliff's notes version is that precipitation types and forecast amounts really haven't changed all that much from our thoughts last night.   Winter Weather Advisories are still out north and west of Philly for today.

A mixed bag of precipitation will move through the region today -- with snow to the city's northwest, a mix to rain event along I-95, and mainly rain south and east of the city.  Temperatures at 4 AM this morning pretty much show the story of today overall -- it's around 40 in the city (that will ease lower by a couple of degrees once precip moves in later), with 30's surrounding most of the city.  Cooler air holding to the northwest should help support the light snow that we're projecting once precipitation moves in later on but some rain could creep northwest of the city into the Turnpike corridor across Montgomery and Chester Counties.  It should be mostly snow farther north and northwest.   South and east of the city, rain should be the dominant if not only precipitation type.

Precipitation will continue into this afternoon before the back edge of precipitation pushes in towards dinner or into the rush hour this evening.  Most precipitation will be light, perhaps moderate for a time, but it certainly looks like a modest winter event that, for those south and east of Philly, isn't going to be a wintry event at all.  That inch or two inches of snow still looks quite possible to the city's northwest.  It won't be the best of days weatherwise and with temperatures generally in the 30's from I-95 on northwest, raw is a rather apt description of today's weather in a nutshell.