Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Mostly Sunny

Its the coldest morning of the fall season for many areas this morning.  A lot of places are also seeing their first freeze as temperatures are in the mid to upper 20's, with a few spots closer to the city around the 32 degree mark.  With lots of sunshine, temperatures will warm quickly through the day, but only make it into the mid to upper 40's.  This is several degrees below average for this time of year.  There will be a light breeze out of the northeast.

The cold air is due to a deep trough over the eastern United States as a large ridge dominates the western states.  An area of low-pressure will develop today and track up the coast over the next two days, bring a noreaster to our area.  This could not come at a worse time as the beach area do not need any more erosion or even rain for that matter. The data has shifted track and backed off a bit with this system from the past few days.  But still, expect a cold/damp rain and gusty winds over the next two days.