Thursday, November 22, 2012

November 23rd, 2012 Forecast

Under a dome of high pressure, the Philadelphia-area will enjoy one more day of above-normal temperatures and brilliant sunshine before the cold reality of normal weather sets in.  Hopefully everyone has enjoyed their share of turkey and stuffing and pie and is having a happy Thanksgiving.

Tonight, for those of you camping out overnight for the great deals, or maybe getting a head start on travel, skies will be mostly clear with temperatures hovering around the 40-degree mark in the metro and to the south and east, and low's in the mid- to upper 30's to the north and west.  winds will be light out of the northeast, around 5 mph.  For tomorrow and your Black Friday shopping, abundant sunshine abound with highs venturing towards the 60-degree mark close to the city, and topping 60-degrees in some places to the south and east.  To the north and west, highs still reaching into the mid- to upper 50's.  Winds will be shifting throughout the day, ultimately ending up southerly around 5 mph.  Towards the late evening and into the overnight, clouds will be on the increase with a chance of an isolated shower. 

Aside from the scattered showers possible early Saturday morning, the weekend looks mostly clear but much cooler, with temperatures falling from above average and near 60-degrees to below normal and not even in the 50's.  Saturday looks like skies will become less cloudy throughout the day with highs in the mid-40's.  Sunday, mostly sunny skies prevail with highs in the mid-40's again.  As most people return to work on Monday, skies will become more cloudy with highs around the 50-degree mark.  Tuesday also looks gray, with scattered showers possible, especially toward the overnight.  Wednesday, scattered showers are possible with just a raw feeling throughout the day.  Thursday, while your still eating turkey leftovers, skies will turn partly cloudy and cool, with highs in the mid-40's.