Thursday, November 01, 2012

November 2nd, 2012 Forecast

While many areas continue to clean up, we'll see sunny and clear skies but cool temperatures.  Luckily, a majority of the next few days will be sunny and dry, with the exception of midweek, where we could see some showers, with a few models leaving something on the horizon.  Overnight however, skies continue to remain mostly cloudy.  These clouds are still from whatever is left from Sandy.  Even though the "center" is in Canada, this system spans almost a full thousand miles.  Temperatures remain cool, hovering around 40-degrees here in the metro, in the mid- to upper 30's to the north and west, and the upper 30's to lower 40's towards the south and east.  Tomorrow, much of the same, except more sunshine.  Winds will remain slightly breezy, with a west winds up to 15 mph in some spots.  Highs around the city and to the south and east into the lower 50's and down to the upper 40's to the north and west.

This weekend looks like a weekend typical of late-November but either way, it isn't rain or snow.  Still remaining breezy on Saturday but we'll be under mostly sunny skies.  Sunday, winds start to relax more and still mostly sunny.  Both days with temperatures in the lower 50's.  Monday, temperatures struggle to get above 50-degrees, even with the sunshine.  Lows in the mid-30's signals some patchy frost is possible, especially to the north and west.  Tuesday, still struggling to get well into the 50's with the trough still around.  Tuesday night you might start to see more clouds, also helping to keep up a bit warmer overnight.  Wednesday is a day to watch.  I'm sure with Sandy, you've heard a lot about models.  Well, the Euro is at it again. The European and Canadian models want to bring up a nor'easter, the one we're actually used to.  Now, don't get alarmed, it's just two models but it bears watching a little closer.  Stay tuned tomorrow.  Either way, I did leave clouds and a few rain showers in the forecast.  Again, not panic/fear/hype time just yet!  Thursday, whatever it is starts to move off and we're left with partly cloudy skies and those darn 50's still.

I'll have my Friday Night Lights forecast and I'm working on an article about Sandy from my perspective.  On a personal note, thanks for all the kind comments and well-wishes from you all about our coverage of the storm.  It felt good to know our forecasts and messages to getting to people.