Monday, November 12, 2012

Showers Overnight With Front

Today's warmth will be the last of the 60's and 70's for a while around the region. The duration of the week features typical November weather -- highs around or just above 50, lows in the 30's -- nothing too abnormal for this time of the year but it is below average by a few degrees.

The front that causes our return to coolish but establishes a benign pattern across the East is currently across the Great Lakes and will cross the state tonight.  Modeling suggests the front gets to the western burbs around Midnight, crossing the region between then and 4 AM.  Showers are modeled to line up along and behind the front, with perhaps a steadier round of showers that will last into the morning rush for those of you east of the city before ending.

Rainfall on the models is estimated to be around two tenths to a quarter of an inch.  Nothing substantial and most of it falls before you wake up if you're west of the city.

As temperatures on Tuesday will be a good bit cooler during the day than today's highs will be, it is likely that our high temperatures tomorrow occur around or just after Midnight.  The NAM (below) suggests temperatures will stay mild this evening -- perhaps above 60 degrees until near Midnight in the city and points east.  Daytime temperatures tomorrow will likely be in the 40's and lower 50's around the region as cooler air flows in.