Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Showery Start, Somewhat Sunny Finish

The talked-about cold front crossed through Philadelphia during the 2 AM hour, with temperatures dropping from 62 at 2 AM to 51 as of 4 AM, likely to drop a bit more before setting down later this morning.  Showers accompanied the front but little in the way of rain has fallen in the city so far.  Gusty winds did accompany the front though, with the Airport picking up a gust to 35 mph at 3 AM as the front zipped through.

The back edge of shower activity is in Central Pennsylvania and is moving east.  Expect off and on showers for the next few hours before the back edge reaches Philly late this morning into midday.  As that back edge pushes through, some clearing is possible and areas west of the New Jersey Turnpike stand a pretty good chance of seeing some sunshine before day's end.  Might be tough to pull this off in coastal sections of New Jersey as well as in the Pinelands as those showers take into the afternoon before departing but you should dry out at some point before sunset, at minimum, at the Shore.

Our official high today will be 63 or so (1 AM temp) but daytime temperatures will not be as warm as cooler air pushes in from the west.  Expect daytime temps in the 40's to lower 50's for the region, with Philly bouncing down into the 40's for a time this morning before bouncing back to the lower 50's with some sunshine.  It will be a noticeably cooler day compared to the past couple...and 71 (yesterday's high) will be a bit of a memory given the reality of November coming back.