Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Suburban Snow Special

Today's snow overperformed in a few locations to our northwest, with as much as 4.7" of snow accumulation in parts of Chester County and in parts of the Poconos in today's event.  While the NAM computer model, which hyped up a bigger snowfall, was a bit too aggressive in painting heavier snow, it did support the idea of a bit more aggressive event.  In terms of "reality", snowfall ended up being heavier to the city's north and northwest in a pair of swaths -- one across the lower Poconos, the second across the outer Philadelphia suburbs from about Morgantown east through Collegeville to Doylestown.  Both zones tended to do really well in this event and outperformed most modeling.

There was a very sharp cutoff in snowfall today -- generally between Route 30 and Route 3 along the Blue Route, and between US 1 and Route 309 on the PA Turnpike.  It helped to be to the northwest of the city today as those locations quickly went from coating type accumulations (or a pure miss in snow) to a two or three inch event.  Elevated areas, in general, did the best although the Route 422 corridor was a bit of a hotspot for snowfall as three inches accumulated across Limerick, Royersford, Graterford, and Skippack in that heavier band that stretched from Lancaster County east to Bucks.

To those of you in Philadelphia who not only had to watch the footage of the suburban snow but have had to deal with the twin failures of the Eagles and Carlos Ruiz's urine test for amphetamines, a humble reminder for today.  There will be better days.  The city has had better storms for snow -- December 2009, February 2010, January 1996 -- all moments where Philadelphia won the snow shovel award.  Given it's only November 27th, it's not the end of the world in the least!

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