Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tornado Hits Italian Steel Plant

About ten days back, we showed you the tornado that went through Southwest Portugal and struck a soccer stadium.  Another storm system, this time in Italy, spawned the above wedge tornado that tore through Taranto, a town in Southeast Italy.

This twister tore through a steel plant that has faced its own story in European press due to a scandal involving sub-standard steel production at the plant.

A total of 38 were injured from this storm in Taranto, including 20 at the steel plant alone.

The Telegraph adds a bit more flare to the story.

Video shot by university student Daniele Carbotti with his mobile phone from the balcony of his house shows the progress of the tornado and a bright explosion at its passage. 
"Something never seen before in Taranto" Carbotti's voice is heard in the video as the large tornado advances. 
"Jesus Christ. It must have ripped out a light pole ...' Carbotti adds, commenting the explosion.

The storm is part of a wider series of storms associated with a jet stream pattern over Western Europe that brought a significant amount of flooding to England over this past weekend. The associated trough carved out by last weekend's storm system allowed this low pressure system to track across the Mediterranean and across Italy.

More:  Facebook page of damage pictures and radar imagery.