Thursday, November 29, 2012

Trend Generally Quiet Into Next Week

Tuesday's low pressure system squeezed out a half inch of precipitation in Philadelphia and helped push the city over an inch of rain (and melted snowflakes) for the month.  While the month will be among the driest Novembers in Philadelphia, a record it will not be.  It, however, symbolizes the quiet weather theme that has ruled the area since last month with Sandy.

That quiet theme in general will continue into next week.  There may be a brief round of drizzle or flurries on Friday night to our north as a frontal boundary straddles through the region.   A second cool front will try to push through early Monday but moisture is limited and in general, little more than showers look to be in the forecast with that frontal passage.

After that Monday front, attention would turn towards Tuesday night and Wednesday where a second, slightly more potent front, crosses the region.  As of now, both the Euro and GFS don't show a tremendous amount of moisture with this second front.

However, the front will bring some temperature pop with it as temperatures behind the front will return to a more typical wintry regime.  I say that because we will gradually warm up into the weekend -- a couple of degrees milder tomorrow, into the 50's on Saturday, pushing 60 by Sunday, into the lower 60's perhaps on Monday and Tuesday.   The return to chill would result in temperatures generally back into the upper half of the 40's for highs -- nothing arctic but more typical for early December than 60-65!

The precipitation factor on Tuesday night may be modest again as low pressure tracks northeast into Canada before it gets into our region.  However, it will put an end to the warm run that the region partakes in this weekend and early next week.