Sunday, November 18, 2012

Weather Rewind -- November 11th-17th, 2012

Temperatures last week were average -- although there was a bit of variety between the first half of the week (mild) and the latter (cooler), the weekly temperature regime in Philadelphia turned out to be exactly at normal.  Not usual to see that!  The mild start included the city's likely last 70 for the year (Monday's 71 degree high) before a cool front moved through on early Tuesday with showers and a cooler day overall around the region as daytime temperatures struggled to get back to 50 degrees.  The duration of the week featured temperatures a few degrees below average.

In terms of rainfall, Tuesday morning's showers brought a general tenth or two of rain across the region and were it for precipitation -- the rest of the week was very dry around the region.

Nationally in November, temperatures have been chilly east of the Mississippi as temperatures averaged between three and six degrees below for those in parts of Ohio, Kentucky, the Carolinas, and Virginia. Warmth has dominated in the Plains and Rockies so far this November (warm west, cool to cold east).