Monday, November 05, 2012

Weather Rewind: October 28th-November 3rd 2012

Last week's temperatures averaged 2.4 degrees below average -- started "mild" with the oceanic influence ahead of Sandy but temperatures from Tuesday through Saturday were five degrees below average on a daily basis over those five days.   Really isn't a lot that can be said that has not been said about Sandy from a rain, wind, and storm standpoint but for recap purposes the city picked up 3.35" officially over the two and a half days from the storm, with the bulk of rain falling on Monday in the Delaware Valley.

Much more rain fell to the south of Philadelphia than to the north...but stronger winds occurred to the north of the city.  The pictures and the impact across the region was extensive, significant, and lasting...and the total cost to the region will likely bounce into the billions of dollars once the final estimates are made.  A note, if you have not seen this radar loop yet, this is Sandy in all its pain...but from a meteorological perspective seeing the storm transition from tropical to nontropical in a matter of a couple of hours was amazing to watch as the storm turned towards the coast.

There is no "good" that came from Sandy -- but a byproduct that should be noted is the plentiful rains that fell across the region early last week did erase the drought and dry spell that permeated Delaware and Maryland for much of the last several months.