Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Winter Storm Warnings For City & South Burbs

Temperatures this morning are in the 30's for the city and points north and west, with low 40's at the coast.  The coastal storm is starting to spread some precipitation into Southern Delaware and the Delmarva at this hour, with precipitation still a number of hours away from the city.

Winter Storm Warnings are now out for Philly, Delco, and the South Jersey burbs plus New Castle County. The warning criteria for snowfall is four inches for these areas, with the NWS calling for 3-5" in their forecast, which justifies the upgrade.  Winter weather advisories are out elsewhere for the potential for anywhere from an inch of snow (east) to up to four inches of snow (north and northwest) later today.

Precipitation spreads in later this morning, probably starting as rain or a rain/snow mix.  As it intensifies and as temperatures cool thanks to precipitation, the changeover to snow looks more likely at this point to occur during the afternoon.  Snowfall will accumulate initially on grassy surfaces, with heavier snows sticking to roads later this afternoon and this evening.  The evening commute could be a particularly slow slog around town.  A couple of inches of snow should accumulate on lawns and snow could be sticking on roads by the drive home this evening, with more snow likely to fall (and stick) this evening before it ends tonight. The bulk of precipitation should fall between 1 and 8 PM today in the region.

Temperatures will hold steady or climb to just above 40 before precipitation moves in, with temperatures falling to around freezing by late this afternoon.

Additionally, gusty winds from 12 to 20 mph from the north and northeast in the city, with higher winds at the Shore that could reach 50 mph or higher in gusts will make for reduced visibility in snow and, with temperatures in the 30's, wind chill factors that will be in the 20's this evening.