Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Chance Of Seeing Some Sun Later

Early morning temperatures are generally in the 40's from Philadelphia on north, with 50's across South Jersey and most of Delaware as a warm front bisects the region.  Earlier dense fog has thinned somewhat thanks to a line of showers and thunderstorms that moved through the region a few hours ago.  Low pressure is over Lake Erie and pushing east-northeast early this morning towards Upstate New York, with a cold front generally poised to cross the state later on today.

Showers, in general, should be limited this morning but with the front crossing through the region over the next several hours it's not out of the realm of possibility that we get a shower later on this morning.

Once the front moves on through, winds will nudge around to the west and gradually increase from midday into this afternoon, with a breezy afternoon on tap for the region.  Winds will average between 12 and 22 on the sustained side, gusting to 30 mph in some spots.  This increase in breeze should help dry things out a fair amount around the region.  In fact, might even see some sunshine later on towards midday post-front.

Temperatures should peak around midday in the mid or upper 50's in many locations from Southeast Pennsylvania on south -- although the outer burbs to our northwest might struggle to get much above 50 this morning before the front crosses.  After midday, temperatures may slip back a bit as drier and cooler air work in but any temperature decline should be slow.