Tuesday, December 04, 2012

A Mild Night, More Showers Passing Through

Today's the last of the uber warmth for a little while. There's a hint that ahead of the storm that we talked about for early next week that more warmth could be forthcoming but we're a ways off yet and how warm we get is still up in the air. I won't say today is the last of the 60's though for the winter...not by a long shot!

That said, a front is working east towards us and will cross the region after midnight with showers.  Since the front holds off long enough, it's possible that our high for Wednesday will occur in the pre-dawn hours depending on how much we cool off this evening before the front hits -- more on this in a bit.  The front's precipitation isn't terribly robust and in many ways it will be similar to what passed through here on Sunday night.  Showers will drop a tenth or two of rain, especially north of the city closer to better dynamics along the front.

Tomorrow morning will still be pretty mild -- the front's cold push will take a little while to work in and we should have 40's and low 50's still around even at daybreak.  Midnight temperatures could be close to 60 degrees around the region before the front passes through overnight.  Computer guidance does suggest we bounce around in the lower and middle 50's during the day tomorrow before colder air works in during the afternoon and temperatures nudge lower starting around 2 or 3 PM, helping set the stage for a more realistic Wednesday night.  Tomorrow will be breezy, chilled, but nothing too cold out.

Temperatures will take a bit of a gradual tumble -- not into terribly cold realms but the temperatures you wake up to on Thursday will be more in line with reality for this time of the year and not what you dealt with this morning or tomorrow morning.  Not terrible cold, nothing Arctic.  Merely normal after being away from it for a few days.