Thursday, December 13, 2012

Another Dose of Decent December Weather

We're going to see more sunshine today than we did yesterday as the veil of high cloudiness that was over the region yesterday and for a good chunk of the night moves out of the picture.   There will be some lingering high clouds around this morning but those should depart out to sea as the morning progresses.  In its wake is a sunny, crisp December day.  Temperatures will be pretty nice overall and close to where they should be in mid December in Philadelphia.  We're expecting high temperatures this afternoon in the mid and upper 40's, similar to yesterday, with light and variable winds that probably meander more from the north or northwest than any other direction...but the key word is light.

Friday will also be nice, with plenty of sunshine expected.  We're still watching the next system for Sunday, which right now should produce just rain in the city.