Thursday, December 27, 2012

Blustery, Raw, But Drying Out Later

Skies will gradually brighten as the day progresses but the initial weather this morning is kinda gloomy.  There could be a few showers around during the morning hours as leftover energy from last night's storm moves overhead -- those showers could be in the form of snow farther north but generally liquid around the city.  Those showers depart later this morning, leaving us a variably cloudy sky through the day.  Some pockets of clearing could take hold around the region as we work into the afternoon, as the NAM up above highlights for early this afternoon.

Besides the gradual improvement in the skies, winds will be a big factor for today.  Expect gusty northwest winds that could reach 40 mph at their gustiest and generally hang in the 15-25 mph range sustained.  Those northwest winds will result in generally steady temperatures for much of the day.  They could trend downwards towards mid and late afternoon but we won't see much upward mobility on temperatures today from the upper 30's and lower 40's that we have early this morning.