Saturday, December 22, 2012

Brisk First Full Day of Winter

Today's story is wind, wind, and more wind.  Gusty west and northwest winds that will average in the 18-28 mph range for much of the day, with gusts perhaps reaching 40 mph or higher at various times of the day.  Wind advisories are out from 10 AM to 6 PM for the region.  It'll be brisk and a little bit colder than average but the wind will make the story as winds will drive wind chill factors down towards 30 at their warmest and in the 20's as we start the day.

Highs this afternoon get to the mid 40's or so in the city, with upper 30's common northwest and lower or middle 40's along the river and southeast.

Skies generally average out to variably cloudy and with a wind trajectory off of Lake Erie we might have the outside chance of picking up some lake effect flurries or snow showers in parts of Pennsylvania.  Better chances of that to the north and northwest but the possibility does exist at times, especially through midday.