Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Brisk, Not As Warm Today

We're in the upper half of the 50's early this morning as a cold front is in the process of crossing the region at this early hour.  A band of showers or sprinkles will accompany the front as it crosses through over the next couple of hours.  As the front crosses, winds will increase and veer to the west and northwest.  Those middle and upper 50's that are out there this morning will likely not be out there this afternoon when you leave the office.

Today's temperatures will waffle around in the 53-57 range through midday and into the early afternoon before they begin to fall off in the afternoon.  It won't be terribly chilly today but it will be cooler than yesterday's 66 degree high.  With west and northwest breezes at 12-20 mph, colder air will slowly draw into the region and we will see temperatures drop off a bit as we work towards dinner.  Your drive home will feature temperatures closer to 50 than 60 with northwest winds continuing.

It certainly isn't Arctic, it's still going to be mild compared to average, but with northwest breezes we aren't going to see the continued mild regime that has held serve the past couple of days.