Saturday, December 15, 2012

Calm Before Active Weather Sets In

Yesterday's high of 51 probably does not get met today.  A weak backdoor front slid through the region yesterday evening, allowing for a more northerly and easterly wind flow at the surface, although this wind is rather modest.   It will allow for a slightly cooler day today than yesterday, however, as temperatures probably only get into the upper 40's by days end in many locations.  A few 50-51 degree highs are possible south of the city, but the vast majority of the region gets into the upper 40's.  It still is not bad for this time of the year, no matter how you slice it.

Skies will generally start mostly clear but transition over towards mostly cloudy (high and mid level clouds) by late in the day as a storm system over the Midwest continues to push east and northeast.  This system will weaken as it approaches but should spread some precipitation into the Ohio Valley during the day, perhaps into Pennsylvania late tonight or early Sunday.  There could be a few showers in and around the region on Sunday as this first, weak system, pushes through.  Up over the Poconos, a few sleet pellets or some icy rain could fall as temperatures early on Sunday will be quite close to freezing.  Around here, though, it's a rain event for the next few days as temperatures will be safely above freezing.