Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Eve Night Snow Showers To Our North

For those dreaming and hoping for at least something frozen to fall from the sky on Christmas Eve night or Christmas Day, areas to the north and west still have a decent shot of getting some light snowfall.

Key word is light.  As in modest.  As in don't get your hopes up for much.

Precipitation with this next system isn't exactly robust -- modeling suggests a tenth or two tenths of an inch of precipitation may fall to the north and west of the city.  In the city itself, the NAM and GFS are really hard pressed to produce much precipitation from the Christmas Eve wave of energy moving through.  It wouldn't matter much anyways as temperatures in the city will be a bit too mild to produce a snowy solution.  South and east will also be too mild for snow -- but again, precipitation probably isn't going to be a huge deal.  Showers, drizzle seem to be the most likely scenario.

Any precipitation that moves in should do so after 5 PM on Monday and will likely end after Midnight.

Precip type breakdown from the NAM for Monday night at 7 PM.

However, for those of you in Reading, Allentown, Quakertown, and points could coax some minor accumulations of snow Christmas Eve night from this system.  Maybe.

If you're in the Poconos or the Central Pennsylvania mountains, you probably stand the best chances of getting snow out of this -- a couple of inches is a reasonable expectation above Blue Mountain in Northeast Pennsylvania.  Some localized inch totals are possible immediately below Blue Mountain -- Allentown might pick up a coating to an inch of snow on Christmas Eve night (better chances in the hills around town).

This certainly isn't a big time event by any stretch but for those of you longing for any piece of winter weather you can get, if you've got reason to travel north and northwest tomorrow evening you might run into this.

Best chances for any accumulations will be in the Poconos but an inch can't be ruled out in some spots north & west.