Thursday, December 06, 2012

Colder Day Ahead

Skies are mainly clear this morning across the region, with much cooler temperatures in the wake of yesterday's front.  Instead of 50's out the door this morning, the region is looking at 30's and even some upper 20's to start Thursday in the Delaware Valley.

Today's going to be a decent day by December standards -- which means chilled sunshine, seasonal temperatures, and calmer conditions.  It won't be Monday or Tuesday levels of warmth around here but it will also not feature a stiff 20 mph wind in your face.  All told, highs in the mid 40's this afternoon under mostly sunny skies is in the offing for the region this afternoon.  A nice day, nothing too terrible, but it will be a few degrees below average for early December...which given the overall trend in temperatures that we will see in this month's first half is going to be a bit of a rarity.