Saturday, December 01, 2012

Continued Moderation For The City & South

Temperatures this morning are in the 30's across much of the Delaware Valley on a murky and misty (in spots) morning.  Radar is showing some light precipitation tracking through at 5 AM, with possibly drizzle or light mist falling in spots although no ob site is reporting anything at the surface.  Up in the Poconos, some patchy freezing drizzle is falling in higher elevations as well with this weak disturbance that is moving through.

Today's weather features a continuation of our moderation trend that was established a couple of days ago, especially for Philadelphia and points south.  The disturbance that moved through is also dragging a weak frontal boundary across the region.  This front will separate a milder regime for Philly, its immediate suburbs, and points south from a cooler, clammier day across the Lehigh Valley and points north.  It wouldn't surprise us to see a 10 to perhaps 15 degree spread between Allentown and Philadelphia this afternoon for high temperatures!

Some sun is possible this afternoon across the areas where it will be a bit warmer, with temperatures likely to respond by going into the lower and middle 50's by day's end for the city and points south.  Farther north, Allentown, Quakertown, and Poconos will likely stay cloudy and struggle to get much above 40.  That boundary of division between mild and murk will likely be along the PA Turnpike this afternoon.