Friday, December 07, 2012

Damp, Showery, Some Icy Spots Farther North/West

As of 4 AM freezing rain advisories are out for Berks County plus the Lehigh Valley until 11 AM.  Showers are moving through Central Pennsylvania this morning on a east-northeast trajectory towards the northern suburbs and towards grazing the city.  Since temperatures are below freezing in the burbs this morning and these showers will be moving in during the morning rush hour, some slick spots are possible in the outer suburbs above or west of Route 202 for a time early this morning.  Those slick spots will be short in duration as temperatures moderate through the morning hours.   There is a better chance for icy spots in the Lehigh Valley and Berks County -- places where the freezing rain advisory is out -- as temperatures will be slower to warm.

A frontal boundary will generally set up shop across the region over the weekend, providing a forecasting pain and providing a relatively damp forecast to the region for today, tonight, and a good chunk of tomorrow.  Scattered showers will traverse the state today, generally north of Philadelphia, but as a wave of energy moves north up the coast from its position in the Carolinas more showers, drizzle, and areas of fog will spread in this evening for the balance of the region.

Temperatures in the advisory areas will be the coolest today -- generally in the 30's this afternoon but you will warm above freezing through the course of the morning.  The northern and western burbs will probably get to around 40 or 42, with the city getting into the mid 40's by dinner and upper 40's to the south.  Not the best of days and not the best of weather nights ahead but it will be a notch or two milder today in the temperature department.  Without much sunshine, it won't feel all that warmer.