Thursday, December 13, 2012

December 14th, 2012 Forecast

A typical December evening on tap for us with mostly clear skies and cold temperatures.  Lows around the city will be near the freezing mark, with temperatures to the south and east also in the lower 30's.  To the north and west, some areas could dip into the upper 20's.  Winds will be of the light and variable variety.  Tomorrow, skies will be mostly sunny, with temperatures running a few degrees above normal.  Highs in the metro and to the south in the lower 50's, with highs to the north and west on either side of the 50-degree mark.  Wind out of the west on Friday at 5 to 10 mph.

Saturday will start out mostly sunny, and most of the day will be dry.  Towards late afternoon, skies will begin to cloud up and some showers will move in during the overnight.  Temperatures still above normal, but just barely - in the upper 40's on Saturday.  Sunday will start a series of unsettled days, under mostly cloudy skies and highs in the lower 50's.  For the start of the workweek, skies will remain partly to mostly cloudy with off and on showers.  Temperatures will continue to stick in the lower 50's for both Monday and Tuesday.  Tuesday also remains overcast.  Wednesday, rain showers will still persist as the full brunt of the nor'easter should be around the area.  By Wednesday night, we could see a transition to snow showers as Wednesday night's low drops to the mid-30's.  Thursday, skies finally start to clear to partly cloudy skies with temperatures in the mid-40's.