Tuesday, December 25, 2012

December 26th, 2012 Forecast

The second of a family of storm systems is moving in tomorrow with another mixed bag of precipitation on tap for the region.  This second storm is a bit stronger, has more moisture, and will yield more frozen precipitation for you in the Poconos.  In between the Poconos and where this storm is a rain maker (Shore and the coastal plain in NJ and DE), a mixed plethora of precipitation types is on tap.  The city will see some snow on the front end of this storm before a changeover to rain, with a coating type accumulation again possible.  Unlike last night's snow, a driving rainstorm will result as snow changes over to rain for the city.

Tonight should be calm and quiet with mostly cloudy skies.  Temperatures drop into the 20's in the coldest of locales, with 30's in the city and immediate burbs by morning.  Winds will be north-northeast around 10 mph or less.

Wednesday features the storm moving in during the midday and afternoon hours from south to north, with rain at the Shore, a mixed bag along 95 and northwest that gradually changes to rain from southeast to northwest, and snow in the Poconos.   That change to rain in the burbs may take until the evening hours to take place but the changeover should occur as the storm pushes through.  The Lehigh Valley stays in the mix the longest (and perhaps may stay snowier than what we're thinking as of now).  Temperatures will be in the 30's for much of the day but crawl to around 40 late in the evening in the city, with temperatures warming through the 40's along the coast.  30's will hold tight north and west of the city during the day and into the evening.

Temperatures Wednesday night into Thursday will remain largely steady or slowly rising as the storm moves through, with Thursday's highs likely to be in the morning before precipitation ends.  Rains (and snows in the Poconos) will be heavy at times overnight tomorrow night with some flooding possible in poor drainage areas.

Oh, and once this storm pushes through another storm looms for Saturday.  That could bring more snow...perhaps even into South Jersey.