Friday, December 07, 2012

December 8th, 2012 Forecast

A family of frontal boundaries will linger across the region over the course of the weekend -- the first of which, a warm front that is pushing north, will stall between Philly and Allentown tomorrow before a cool front pushes east through the region Saturday evening.  A second, stronger, cold front and associated storm system will push northeast through the Ohio Valley and Appalachians on Sunday and Monday, bringing more rain and a warm Monday to the region before pushing through the region Monday evening.

With tonight's warm front pushing slowly northward, intermittent drizzle, showers, and some fog are in the forecast through the region.  Best chances for steadier rain will be to our north, with everyone generally experiencing a damp and showery night.  Expect lows tonight ranging from the 30's north to the mid and upper 40's from Philly on south.  The city and points south will likely see little in the way of temperature movement overnight and may see temperatures slowly rise towards daybreak into the lower 50's (especially at the Shore).

Saturday features a lingering shower or drizzle patch before those taper off, with mostly cloudy skies for the duration of the day.  There might be some breaks in the clouds in the afternoon to allow a decent batch of sunshine around.  With the warm front stalled nearby, temperatures will range a fair amount from north to south -- 40's in the Lehigh Valley and Berks County, 50's across Philly and the suburbs, lower 60's in Delaware and South Jersey.  Tomorrow's temperature forecast could be subject to busting by several degrees if the front doesn't lift far enough north or if we get more sun than anticipated...but upper 50's in Philadelphia is probably about what we'll get at this point.

More rain on Sunday afternoon and evening as the cool front that pushes through tomorrow evening stalls out and then retreats back north as a warm front.  Temperatures could get into the 60's on Monday before a second cold front puts another end to warming around the region late Monday.