Sunday, December 02, 2012

Dense Fog Early This Morning

A dense fog advisory has been issued for the entire region through at least 9 A.M. this morning. Widespread visibilities of around or below one-quarter of a mile can be expected and have already been reported. This now appears that this will likely end up being one of the more widespread dense fog events our region has seen this year.

For most of Saturday Evening, dense fog was mainly confined to the Poconos. But the areas of dense fog have spread rapidly just after midnight throughout the entire region.
As the warm front continues to move northward, our air temperatures are now currently warmer than the ground temperatures due to the cold November and recent snowfall. This is occurring as moisture is abundant with an easterly flow off of the ocean. This is an excellent setup for dense fog to form.

Some patchy drizzle is also likely. There could be a small pocket of below freezing temperatures remaining in the higher terrain of the Poconos which may result in freezing drizzle. However, most of the observation stations up there are now showing temperatures one to three degrees above freezing and temperatures should hold steady or even rise a bit overnight.