Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ending The Murky Malaise

The cold front is slipping through the region early this morning, generally lining up along the coast as of 4 AM and continuing its southeastward push early this morning.  It was 61 at 3 AM in Atlantic City, now they're down to 50 at 4 AM as the front has pushed to the coast and continues its southward slide.

Philadelphia was 56 degrees at Midnight, so the likely official high for today will come in near that mark.  In the upper 40's now, we'll likely see temperatures in the 40's for most of the day although we may brush back up to 50 around midday today.

Showers are currently across South Jersey and Delaware, moving east and northeast through the region.  Most of these should be out of the picture by 7 or 8 AM but a few may linger past that point.  Once these showers depart, skies on the whole today range from partly to mostly sunny, with more sun north and west of the city and more clouds south and east of town.  With northwest breezes around 10 mph, it will feel more December-like outside although those dry winds will do more to end the murk in the atmosphere of the past several days, bringing in brighter skies that will hold serve over the region over the next few days.