Monday, December 03, 2012

Flipping The Calendar Back

Today's high of 67 degrees is more common for late April or mid October in Philadelphia -- not December 3rd.  While not a record, the high missed that mark of 68 by a single degree.  Today's record was set in 1950...and holds on for at least another year.

Highs today were mainly in the mid 60's across the Delaware Valley and the north and west burbs, with upper 60's across South Jersey and Delaware.  A few locations farther south -- Georgetown in Delaware (record of 71), Baltimore, and Washington -- all reached or exceeded 70 degrees this afternoon.

Similar warmth is likely tomorrow, perhaps even a couple of degrees warmer.  It wouldn't shock me if it gets to 70 in Millville or Wilmington...and gets darn close to it around Philadelphia.