Sunday, December 02, 2012

Forecast for Monday, December 3, 2012

The warm front continues to crawl northward. Sunnier skies have developed across the southern half of our region, but northern areas have had a hard time breaking out of the low clouds and fog.

A cold front (with not much cold air behind it) will approach this evening with a round of rain showers. Once the showers move off the coast, expect a lot of moisture to be trapped at the surface which means more fog is likely to develop. Some patchy dense fog is possible overnight into early on Monday.

Monday looks to turn partly to mostly sunny across the region once the fog dissipates. It also should be mild with highs in the lower to mid sixties in most places with mid fifties in the Pocono Mountain area. More dense fog is likely to develop Monday Night into Tuesday Morning. Once the fog dissipates on Tuesday, temperatures should rise through the sixties with some areas having a shot at the lower seventies. The fog, should it linger, may impact high temperatures.  We will have to monitor this.

Another cold front with true cold air behind it will approach the region on Tuesday Night into Wednesday Morning with another round of rain showers. There could be some additional fog during the period as well when it is not raining. Behind the front, skies should clear, temperatures should begin to drop, and the winds should gust up to 35 MPH Wednesday Afternoon.

There is quite a bit of uncertainty for the late week and weekend period. There is going to be a frontal boundary setting up shop across the Ohio Valley into the Northeast. There is a possibility that a wave of low pressure develops along this boundary. The placement of the boundary is in question and so is the weather. Rain is possible though and temperatures may be such that our northern areas see freezing rain. Right now, the forecast might be too ominous and we may have to be more optimistic in future posts.