Saturday, December 01, 2012

Forecast for Sunday, December 2, 2012

There is a considerable difference in the weather conditions from south to north as a result of a warm front trying to pass through our region. Clouds and drizzle continue north of the initial push of warmer air, while clearer skies exist closer to the warm sector. This has had an impact on temperatures with thirties in the Poconos to near 60 in Southern Delaware. This warm front will slowly continue northward throughout Sunday. It will remain cloudier and cooler in the north and clearer and warmer in the south for Sunday. By Sunday Evening, a cold front will pass through our region with scattered showers that could linger into Monday Morning.

While one could usually expect cooler temperatures behind a December cold front passage, in this case, temperatures will actually become milder behind the cold front. High temperatures on Monday will likely reach into the sixties across most of the area.  By Tuesday, mid to upper sixties are quite possible with a push of southerly air ahead of another cold front arriving for late Tuesday into early on Wednesday. I could see one or two spots approaching the lower seventies for highs if there isn’t widespread morning fog. This second front should bring another round of scattered rain showers as it passes through. Wednesday’s high temperature will likely be recorded early in the morning as this cold front will have true, cold air behind it. Wednesday will also be quite blustery behind the front as colder air rushes in from the northwest.  
Tonight, Sunday Night, Monday Night, and Tuesday Night may have patchy areas of fog to contend with. For tonight, it looks as though the Poconos have the best shot at fog.

Another front with a possible area of weak low pressure may arrive later Friday into Saturday bringing a period of rain. It is possible that the northern areas could see some mixed precipitation depending on the strength of the low pressure area or a period of freezing rain.