Wednesday, December 05, 2012

From Torch To Normal

The fleeting warmth of yesterday is being replaced by mere mortal normal around the region. Despite temperature drops of over 25 degrees from yesterday morning at this time, temperatures are merely going from blowtorch warmth to much more typical early December chill.

To wit, yesterday at 5 AM it was 59 degrees in's 38 this morning.  59 in Toledo is now 35.  62 in Flint, MI is now 29.  It helps that in many of these locations the front that crossed our region over the past couple of hours was just about to cross their location yesterday at this time but it does show that the warmth we've had over the past couple of days will be a thing of the past by tonight and tomorrow morning.

In terms of contrasting this front's push of colder air to normal, temperatures in Michigan and Wisconsin this morning are slightly below normal but not significantly colder than normal.  In fact, the only areas that have a decent level of colder than normal air are in Northern Minnesota (Duluth) and one location in West Central Texas.  Much of the rest of the country is either within a few degrees of normal or are significantly above average.

In fact, this incoming shot of colder air will only lurk for Thursday before beginning its retreat on Friday as temperatures are poised to bounce back to near 50 by day's end.  Milder and murkier weather will follow as we work into the weekend with intermittent rain, drizzle, and milder temperatures around as a warm front slogs through and stalls across the region.  We could see a couple of days of 60+ between Saturday and Monday before another cold front ends that round of warmth.  Unlike November's chill, December's will likely end up above average...perhaps by quite a lot depending on how the last two weeks of the month shake out.