Sunday, December 02, 2012

Morning Fog/Lots of Clouds

The entire area is blanketed by fog and low clouds this morning.  Dense Fog Advisories cover the entire region.  The fog is due to a light easterly breeze off the ocean and a warm front trying to lift through the area.  The winds will begin to shift to a southerly direction through the mid-morning hours.  This will help to get rid of the fog and slowly erode the cloud cover.  However, it will take a while and its possible most areas remain cloudy for the entire day.  The best chance for any sunshine would be south and west of the city.

Showers will move into the area towards evening as a cold front approaches the area.  Temperatures today will range from the mid 40's in northern area to the middle if not upper 50's in southern areas, although highs will vary based on how long the clouds remain and if remaining the entire day.  It will be a fair bit warmer south of the city than north but we feel confident that Philly gets into the 50's at least at some point later on today.