Saturday, December 08, 2012

Murky and Mild

A warm front lies through the region this morning, with 30's to the north in the cool sector, 40's in the city, and 50's across South Jersey and far Southern Delaware.  Mild air will push north gradually through the day but as it is December, the warm front will struggle to clear the whole of the region.  The result will be another temperature variety show from north to south today...with 40's from Allentown on north, 50's through the balance of Southeastern Pennsylvania, and 60 or even milder south of the city for an afternoon high.

Fog and low clouds are in place across the region, with most of the fog north of Philadelphia.  Visibility levels in Allentown, Reading, Coatesville, and Lancaster all at or under a mile.  Low clouds hold the fort elsewhere with patchy drizzle through some areas.  We should see the city and south get brighter to an extent in the midday or early afternoon hours, with areas north of the city probably not seeing much in the way of sun today at all.  By brighter, sunshine may still be a bit of a premium but clouds will lift and some breaks in the cloud deck will develop.

A cool front will push southeast this afternoon and stall out south of the city later on this evening.  In its wake, more showers, drizzle return on Sunday as the front stalls and energy from second storm system develops and pushes towards us.